With opened eyes

Have you ever, in a long term relationship, friendship or even closeness of a family member, seen them differently? I mean, not necessarily in a bad way, but you actually see them in their greatness but also see their flaws? Having a clearer understanding of who they actually are? In life it’s easy to want someone to be who you want them to be. It is naturally in us to selfishly want people to see things through our eyes and then act accordingly. Once you take the time to learn more about yourself, you will start to see people differently. I am a very spiritual person and I truly believe that grace and love works hand in hand. You have to give people the same grace that is given to you in order to receive the things you always want from them. Not control. Not impatience. Not manipulation. But simply understanding that like you, they are not perfect, and may do the same things you may do to them or to someone else. Maybe not intentionally, but it happens. Make sure that you focus more on the positive things about them than their flaws. You will always be able to dictate how any situation with anyone you encounter will turn out. Love and grace will change your life, but more importantly, the people you impact!

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